Monday, August 09 2021

Glute Training in the Pool

Poolfit Press Release

Noodle Butt Blaster

Here is a fresh way to workout your glutes: in the pool. Below is information about the top glute workouts to do in the pool, including the benefits of working your glutes out in the water, from personal trainer and water fitness expert, Mark Grevelding.  


Mark Grevelding is the founder of PoolFit, the only workout platform that specializes in water fitness and aquatic exercise. He is a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).


1. Is it difficult to target the glutes?
Gluteus maximus is the largest of the 3 gluteal muscles and they are what most people think of as the buttocks or buns - directly in the backside.  They are targeted just like any other muscle with a specific joint action.  The joint action required is hip extension.  The glutes extend the hips.  From a standing position, just extend your leg behind you and UP into the downward force of gravity and you target the glutes. 

How long before seeing results?  That depends on if you are loading your movements with extra resistance, via weight machines, ankle weights, resistance bands, water's resistance, etc.  They should be treated like any other muscle, with standard reps of 12-20 that take the muscle to fatigue.  Two or three times a week, with plenty of recovery in between.

2. Please share your go-to glute exercise. What's it called?
Briefly explain how to do it, how many reps, and why it's such a great glute exercise.

In the pool, I have two favorite glute exercises:

Without any added equipment:  Speed skaters

Speed Skaters

Think of doing an alternating leg curl, but with longer legs extending behind you.  Focus on squeezing your glutes as you "skate" the legs behind you, bounding off the pool floor.  Swing your arms in front of you like you are a hockey player skating down the rink.  This is also high intensity cardio - so you get a double bonus. Glute toning and calorie burning. 12-20 sets (one set is right & left)  See attached photo

With pool noodles:  Noodle lunges

Noodle Lunge

Step one foot onto a noodle and press down towards the pool floor against the upward forces of buoyancy and then return the knee to waist height and continue with reps.   12-20 reps and then switch legs.

The thicker and denser the noodle...the more the resistance downward.  The big noodles are killer.

You can also do squats...with BOTH feet on the noodle pressing down and up.  :)

See attached photos. 


3. Are there any health benefits to conditioning your glutes?
(i.e. Better stability?)
The main health benefit of training your glutes is muscle balance.  Your iliopsoas muscles flex the hip.  And your glutes extend the hip. We do WAY more hip flexion daily activities and exercises...walking, stairs, running, cycling, etc...and so we overuse and overdevelop the hip flexors in comparison to the glutes.  This can affect posture by stooping/flexing us forward over time.  Muscle imbalances can compromise joints and lead to pain and injury.