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Gentle Aquanatal Aerobics Image

Gentle Aquanatal Aerobics

Wednesday, October 05 2022

Poolfit provides a wide variety of water workouts for all fitness levels. Blossoming Bumps with U.K. Aquatic Specialist, Haylley Pittam, is the first video targeted towards the pregnant or postnatal population.  Blossoming Bumps is a 45-minute gentle water workout that was designed for aquanatal classes.  However, it can also be used for recovery and flexibility.  There is an emphasis on stretches and exercises for the lower back and feet/ankles.

Chair Workout with Small BallImage

Chair Workout with Small Ball

Thursday, September 22 2022

Sometimes you can’t get in the pool and therefore Poolfit is dedicated to making sure you have some substitute low-impact workouts that can be performed in your home.  Get ready to Play Ball!  This land-based workout includes standing and seated exercises that target cardio, strength, balance and coordination and includes the use of a small plastic ball. 


Water Fitness for Sports SkillsImage

Water Fitness for Sports Skills

Friday, September 16 2022

Join Stephanie from AquaGym Fitness in the pool for a 25-minute specialty workout that targets the muscles needed to maintain a powerful swing in sports such as golf, tennis and pickle ball.  The Hydrorevolution Swing Trainer is used in this swing clinic, but other equipment can be substituted. 

Deep Water HIIT WorkoutImage

Deep Water HIIT Workout

Thursday, September 08 2022

Prepare to launch your pool workout to an all new level with some high intensity acrobatics in the deep end. Train like astronaut, freed from gravity, so that your body can move in all positions for a challenging cardio and core workout.  Zero Gravity HIIT showcases the best of deep-water fitness.   



Ab Blast with NoodleImage

Ab Blast with Noodle

Wednesday, August 24 2022

Ab Blast with Ashley Bishop was designed to provide Poolfit subscribers with a 20-minute noodle workout that could be used on its own or enjoyed after a high intensity cardio workout.  Sometimes you just want some extra core work.   


20-Minute Aquatic Arm ChallengeImage

20-Minute Aquatic Arm Challenge

Wednesday, August 24 2022

Join Sharlie Peterson in this 20-minute express pool workout and take away some ideas for intensifying traditional aqua moves with some overhead arm patterns. Fish Out of Water provides some great options for taking your water workouts to a higher intensity with some big and bold arm patterns.   

Aqua HIIT Deep or ShallowImage

Aqua HIIT Deep or Shallow

Thursday, August 11 2022

Join Ashley B for an energetic cardio workout can be done in either deep or shallow water. This 50-minute pool workout includes four types of high intensity intervals, with simple but powerful moves, for a fun and effective water workout.

Aqua Stretching for Fascial ReleaseImage

Aqua Stretching for Fascial Release

Wednesday, August 03 2022

Evolving research is paying much more attention to fascia and the role it plays in keeping your body limber, pain-free and less prone to injury. Join U.K. Aquatic Specialist, Haylley Pittam for an aqua stretching routine that takes a total body approach to releasing restricted fascia.  Fascial Movement for Active Aging is ideal for recovery days or when you are dealing with pain or tight muscles.   

Yoga to Improve Daily ActivitiesImage

Yoga to Improve Daily Activities

Wednesday, July 27 2022

Sometimes the weather or other circumstance prevent you from getting in the pool.  3D Yoga with Lori Templeman is a gentle in-home yoga practice that replicates how you move during the day, helping you keep your body strong, flexible and less injury-prone.  This yoga practice is perfect for energizing you in the morning or for unwinding at the end of the day. 


5-Minute Water WorkoutsImage

5-Minute Water Workouts

Wednesday, July 20 2022

Get ready to get fit in 5.  Aqua Fit in 5’s is a 50-minute high-energy compilation of several 5-minute workouts that target various fitness components and body parts.  Choose your depth, deep or shallow and join me for a totally total body pool workout that targets cardio, arms, back, chest, core, legs and more. 

Pool Noodle Water AerobicsImage

Pool Noodle Water Aerobics

Sunday, July 10 2022

Cardio, strength, core and more, this 35-minute noodle workout is a fun fitness activity to keep you fit and cool in the pool.  Ashley B. is back with new videos, including SplAsh Toning: Noodle Edition.  In 2018, Ashley filmed SplAsh Toning with hand buoys.  Get ready for more SplAshy fun.  

Endurance Water WorkoutImage

Endurance Water Workout

Tuesday, June 28 2022

Join Sharlie and her fierce mom, Shelley, for an easy-to-follow Shockwave Aqua Fitness workout.  Performed in either deep or shallow water, this pool workout gradually builds cardio and muscular endurance with a simple template based on first performing an exercise for 20 seconds, then 40 and finally 60.