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360 Deep Water Aerobic WorkoutImage

360 Deep Water Aerobic Workout

Wednesday, June 15 2022

Rolling in the Deep is a 45-minute deep water aerobic workout that showcases creative and challenging exercises that simply could not be performed in a land-based fitness format. Join UK Training Specialist, Haylley Pittam for a 360-fitness adventure in the deep end. Be prepared to literally be rolling in the deep.   

Water Fitness Training in 10'sImage

Water Fitness Training in 10's

Wednesday, June 08 2022

Designed to improve stamina, muscular endurance and core strength, this pool exercise video is perfect for those days when you want a total body workout in a brisk 45 minutes.  Lori Templeman is back with another water workout and she wants you to know that this class has gotten the seal of approval from her aqua fitness students in Lincoln City, Oregon. 

KISS Pool WorkoutImage

KISS Pool Workout

Thursday, May 26 2022

AquaGym Fitness is a back with another fast-paced interval style workout.  Active Recovery Intervals with Stephanie Newberry is a simple but challenging 55-minute pool workout that can be performed in either deep or shallow water.  Applying the KISS Principle to exercise, this water workout is based on the repetition of basic exercises that allows you to apply all-out effort without complicated movement. 

Single Dumbbell Pool WorkoutImage

Single Dumbbell Pool Workout

Wednesday, May 18 2022

Dunkin Donuts or Dunkin Dumbbells?   Summer is coming and I think we all know the better choice.  Poolfit extends a big welcome to UK Aquatic Training Specialist, Haylley Pittam.  Her first video targets cardio, muscle conditioning and core training using a single foam dumbbell. 

Deep Water Circuit WorkoutImage

Deep Water Circuit Workout

Thursday, May 12 2022

Take your summer workout to the deep end of the pool with Circuit Wave Deep. Lori Templeman is back with a reboot of her Circuit Wave Workout.  This 45-minute workout features the same formula as the shallow water version, featuring six “waves” of exercises that follow a circuit format.  Effective and easy-to-follow, this deep-water workout can be intensified by adding webbing gloves.   

Kickboxing Water FitnessImage

Kickboxing Water Fitness

Wednesday, April 27 2022

Spring has sprung, the weather is getting warmer and now is a good time to heat up the pool with some splashy kickboxing cardio.  Join Sharlie Peterson and her mom, Shelley, for Aqua Turbo Kickboxing, a 45-minute shallow water workout that features kickboxing-inspired choreography that is intensified by the water’s resistance. 


 High Intensity 55-minute Water WorkoutImage

High Intensity 55-minute Water Workout

Tuesday, April 19 2022

Spring is an ideal time to ramp up the intensity in your pool workouts.   There is no one better to help you do that than the AquaGym Fitness team.  Crazy Combos is a 55-minute high intensity cardio workout that can be performed in both deep and shallow water. Simple to follow along with, each combo features just three moves which keep adding up as the workout progresses. 


AMRAP Pool ChallengeImage

AMRAP Pool Challenge

Sunday, April 10 2022

Performing “as many reps as possible” (AMRAP) is a popular form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) in both the pool and the fitness studio.  Join Sharlie Peterson, Poolfit’s newest instructor for a high-energy water workout that will challenge you to do one more rep in each round.  Even better, consider some friendly exercise competition with a workout buddy.


 Progressive Cardio Water WorkoutImage

Progressive Cardio Water Workout

Sunday, March 27 2022

Build Ups with Miff Hendriksen is a 45-minute water aerobic workout that features a buildup of intensity as moves are added on in each segment.  Enjoy this workout in either deep or shallow water for a cardio challenge that is designed to burn calories and improve stamina. 


 Aqua Pilates Core TrainingImage

Aqua Pilates Core Training

Monday, March 14 2022

Similar to land-based Pilates training, the Pilates Power workout is entirely focused on training the powerhouse of the body with core-centric exercises.  Using a pair of foam dumbbells and a noodle, this mind & body pool workout starts with a series of basic Pilates exercises and then progresses to planking and teaser challenges.  Designed to provide core endurance and strength, these Pilates water exercises can help improve your efficiency in other exercise or daily activities. 

Splashdown Interval ChallengeImage

Splashdown Interval Challenge

Monday, March 07 2022

The intervals are going DOWN in this high-energy water workout.   Designed for both deep and shallow water, the work and recovery cycles get shorter and more intense as this 45-minute workout progresses.  The pace starts out aerobically and then the energy shift as the intervals transition into breathless and heart-pounding HIIT action. 

Personal Training in the PoolImage

Personal Training in the Pool

Sunday, February 20 2022

Poolfit is exploring a new category of videos for personal training and rehab/recovery.  These videos will be different.  Instead of a follow-along approach, the plan is that these videos will provide the exercises and suggested sets and repetitions.  Subscribers can do these fitness routines at their own pace and with their own music.  Printable notes will be included in the blog.  Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour inaugurates this category with a workout she shared with clients during the COVID lock downs in 2020.