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Tuesday, June 02 2020

How do you follow along with workouts in the pool?  There’s an app for that!  The Poolfit App allows users to download pool workouts and take their device poolside and follow along without the need of Wi-Fi.  There are over 175 pool workouts, all led by top industry instructors. Subscribe on the streaming platform, Poolfit.tv, or in the App Store or Play Store. There is an automatic 7-day trial and then $15.95/month after that. You can cancel in your account settings anytime.

Cardio Blast in the PoolImage

Cardio Blast in the Pool

Wednesday, May 24 2023

Looking for a high-energy cardio workout in the pool?  Join Cindy Vance-Brossman for Triple Dips, a 50-minute water workout that showcases 70 different cardio exercises for the pool. A Triple Dip features a move performed with three variations.  Get ready for a total of 23 Triple Dips. 

Pyramid Interval Pool WorkoutImage

Pyramid Interval Pool Workout

Tuesday, May 16 2023

Partner Pyramids is a 50-minute fast paced, interval-style water workout that showcases AquaGym Fitness’s signature progressive moves. AquaGym Fitness instructor, Crystal Goodin and her husband Rick partner up in the video to show how it is done with two people.  However, the workout can also be performed solo. 

Water Aerobics Deep and ShallowImage

Water Aerobics Deep and Shallow

Wednesday, May 10 2023

Rediscover water aerobics, choreography and that thing called a bell curve. Travel back in time with Mark when cardio workouts were continuous and there was no rest or recovery. Retro Waves is a 50-minutes water aerobics workout that showcases fun and challenging exercise that could never be performed on land. This pool workout can be enjoyed in both deep and shallow water. 

Fun Water Fitness KickboxingImage

Fun Water Fitness Kickboxing

Wednesday, April 26 2023

Put your dukes up and get ready to punch and kick your way to fitness in the pool with Stephanie Newberry and AquaGym Fitness. Inspired by Martial Arts, Combat Combinations is a 57-minute shallow water kickboxing workout that provides a fun challenge using the water’s resistance. Equipment is not necessary, however webbed gloves are ideal, or you can purchase the Aqua Combat Gloves shown in the video. 

Total Body Tabata Pool WorkoutImage

Total Body Tabata Pool Workout

Wednesday, April 19 2023

Looking for some high-powered strength and cardio training in the pool?  AquaFIIT Tabata TBC with Katy Coffey is a 45-minute water workout that can be performed in both deep and shallow water. The total body conditioning (TBC) is achieved with the water’s resistance and by targeting different muscle groups and training styles with each of the 8 Tabata rounds.


48 Pool Exercises for CardioImage

48 Pool Exercises for Cardio

Wednesday, April 05 2023

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a roller coaster ride through 48 different water exercises.  Crazy Circuits with Cindy Vance-Brossman features 8 themed blocks, each including six different exercises performed for 30 seconds work and 15 seconds recovery. This 45-minute high intensity cardio water workout can be performed in both deep and shallow water. 

Stretching and Mobility Chair ExerciseImage

Stretching and Mobility Chair Exercise

Monday, March 27 2023

Enjoy some stretching and mobility exercises in the chair on those days when you want or need gentler exercise. Sassy Senior Sitdown with Shelley Owens is a 30-minute chair program that includes seated & standing movement, along with exercises using a ball. Sometimes you can’t get in the pool and therefore Poolfit is committed to providing low-impact in-home workouts.

Pool Workout with Exercise LoopsImage

Pool Workout with Exercise Loops

Thursday, March 23 2023

Looking for a different way to tone your muscles in the pool?  Join Katy Coffey for a 20-minute water workout that targets upper body, lower body and core muscles with rubberized resistance loops. No loops? No problem. The loops can be purchased on Amazon in a variety pack of sizes for less than $15.00.

64 Move Water Tabata Image

64 Move Water Tabata

Sunday, March 12 2023

Poolfit welcomes Cindy Vance Brossman to the streaming platform and app with her first video, Turbulent Tabatas, a “no-repeat” HIIT workout. No repeat means each of the 8 Tabata rounds features 8 different exercises. Get ready for a fast-paced workout that features 64 different moves.

  Athletic Dual Depth Water WorkoutImage

Athletic Dual Depth Water Workout

Tuesday, March 07 2023

Channel your inner athlete in this 45-minute water fitness workout that can be performed in both deep and shallow. Join Chris LaCour for Dude Dual Depth, a pool workout that features simple but challenging water exercises. 

You can't do that on landImage

You can't do that on land

Thursday, February 23 2023

Looking for a quick burst of action-packed cardio in the pool?  Join Sharlie and Shelley for 15-minutes of water fitness acrobatic challenges.  Jump, leap and kick your way to fitness with creative variations and combinations of frog hops, tuck jumps and dolphin kicks.