The creation of the world's only app
for pool workouts.



  • 2014

    Poolfit was inspired by Fitmotivation.com, an aquatic fitness instructor training site that launched in 2014 with a streaming video platform. Water fitness enthusiasts started discovering Fitmotivation and subscribing to access the videos. Blending fitness professionals and fitness consumers on one site proved unwise and so Poolfit was created for those who wanted to follow along with pool workouts.

  • 2019

    The Poolfit website launched in January 2019 with 20 videos. It soon became apparent that a streaming water fitness website was not going to cut it due to a lack of Wi-Fi at most pools. The tech team got busy developing an app that would allow users to download videos, eliminating the need for streaming and Wi-Fi. Subscribers could simply download a video and prop up their device poolside and exercise along with the videos.

  • 2020

    The Poolfit IOS App launched in the App Store in May 2020 with 50 pool workouts. And then in December 2020, the tech team released an android version in the Play Store.

  • 2021

    In December 2021, Poolfit got a makeover. The revamp showcases a new organization and look for the rapidly growing video library and includes enhanced search and filtering. Also added was a media page to highlight Poolfit’s increasing publicity, as well as water exercise articles.

  • 2022

    The total video count on the streaming platform and app at the end of 2022 was 225+. New Poolfit instructors made their debut, including Sharlie Peterson and Haylley Pittam. Other instructors returned after a hiatus of a few years, including Ashley Bishop and Lori Templeman. In winter 2022, a new look to the streaming platform was unveiled. In fall 2022, the tech team launched the new playlist feature on the IOS app. The playlist feature for the android app will be launched in 2023.

  • today

    There are now over 225+ pool workouts, all led by top-notch instructors, many of whom educate and certify aquatic fitness instructors. The Poolfit tech team has been busy adding enhanced features, including Favorites, Search, Categories and Chromecast & Airplay embedding for casting the water exercise app to TVs. Not sure how it works? Check out these short video tutorials to better understand how to use the Poolfit Water Exercise App.

Secret Sauce


Variety is the key to Poolfit’s success and its 5-Star Ratings & Reviews.

The water exercise workout videos are geared to all fitness levels.

There are many athletic workouts geared towards more advanced exercisers, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, kickboxing, muscle conditioning and more.

Deep water workouts have been very popular.

There are also plenty of videos geared towards less advanced participants, including water walking, arthritis exercise, yoga, light cardio and toning.

Get Started


Start with a 7 day trial that provides video access to all 225+ video workouts. Upon registration, subscribers can choose a monthly plan of $15.95 or an annual plan of $159.95 (12 months for the price of 10).

There is NO commitment. Subscribers can cancel at any time via their account settings. Pool season is limited for many and subscribers can subscribe & unsubscribe as much and as often as they want. If you are skeptical of subscribing despite my promises of no commitment, Poolfit also offers 6 Free Sample Workouts for you to try without subscribing.

If you have access to a pool, we hope you will give Poolfit a try. We are confident that it will become your go-to resource for water exercise.