Thursday, July 15 2021

HIIT Workouts in the Pool

Poolfit Press Release

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a big "hit" for working out...and now it's become even "cooler" in the pool, thanks to PoolFit and its founder and fitness expert, Mark Grevelding. 

HIIT workouts have been a big hit among gym goers for years now. Understandably so: They crush loads of calories and improve your fitness, fast. But sometimes you need to switch up those all-out-effort intervals to give your body a break — and challenge it in new the pool.  And now that is possible with over 115 videos streaming on the Poolfit App and website, with over 40 of them geared towards HIIT and high intensity cardio.

HIIT in the pool provides all the same benefits as land-based HIIT, including more calories burned in a shorter amount of time, greater fat loss, and a boosted metabolic rate long after exercising. However, many people are enjoying HIIT in the pool because it is low-impact and provides better total body conditioning thanks to the water's resistance, according to fitness studies. Grevelding is applying the land-based science of HIIT to the water, and has created scientifically-backed HIIT workouts that are results-driven just like their land counterpart exercises, but designed specifically for exercising in the pool.

That's right, working out in your pool is just as effective as traditional land-based workouts... In fact, studies show that working out in the water burns an average of 400-600 calories in a one-hour workout, while also resulting in posterior burn continuing to burn calories and increase metabolism for up to 24-hours post-workout. A deep water study (Baretta 1993) showed an average of 9.8 calories per minute being consumed during deep water exercise, which is equivalent to calories burned on a 10 minute walk. Deep water exercise is "zero gravity fitness," meaning zero impact and zero stress on your body, allowing participants to exercise for a longer period of time and at a higher intensity level. The “zero gravity fitness” experienced in aquatic exercise cannot be recreated in any other environment or achieved on land, offering an enhanced athletic training fitness regimen.


1. Scissor Kicks
Think of alternating straight leg kicks.  But sit back into the water a bit and instead of kicking upward, direct the intensity of your kicks downard, scissoring your legs with alternating arms working in opposition.  This is an excellent glute and hamstring exercise.  We rarely get to target hamstrings, and so this is a favorite.

2. Cross Country Ski With Both Arms
Simply perform a cross country ski, but swing BOTH arms forward and back at the same time.  (Bilateral symmetrical)  Think of pushing water forward with your palms as arms go forward, and pulling water behind you as arms go back.  This is a HUGE move using lots of muscles (quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, chest, anterior deltoid, biceps, lats, posterior deltoid and triceps.  It doesn't get bigger or more intense.

3. Speed Skater With Alternating Sweeping Arms
Think of performing alternating rear kicks BEHIND you - bounding off the pool floor - and alternating sweeping arms as if you are gathering water inward.  Imagine yourself skating down the ice rink!  This is an excellent HIIT exercise...but it also targets the glutes which is a bonus.