Tuesday, June 02 2020

How do you follow along with workouts in the pool?  There’s an app for that!  The PoolFit app allows users to download pool workouts and take their device poolside and follow along without the need of Wi-Fi. There are over 175 pool workouts, all led by top industry instructors. Subscribe on the streaming platform, Poolfit.tv or in the App Store or Play Store. There is an automatic 7-day trial and then $15.95/monthly after that. You can cancel in your account settings anytime.  PoolFit founder, Mark Grevelding, a longtime aquatic fitness training specialist, wants to dispel the myth that you can’t get a good workout in the water. 
Below he offers 10 compelling reasons why you should consider taking your workouts to the pool.

Person exercising in the pool with the Poolfit app. Exercise vigorously in the low imact environment of the pool.

#1   Reduced Joint Impact
Buoyancy is the opposite of gravity and creates an uplifting force in the water that reduces or eliminates impact on feet, ankles, knees and hips.  Exercising in water at chest depth means that you are only bearing 25-35% of your body weight.  Water fitness is ideal for aging bodies because it provides opportunities to exercise vigorously without pain or joint discomfort.  

The water provides resistance in all directions and with all movements.  The Poolfit app has over 175 pool workouts.

#2   Water’s Resistance
When you exercise in the pool, all movements are performed in the thick, viscous resistance of the water.  This total-body resistance is unique to water fitness, making it more effective than land fitness in improving muscular endurance and strength without the use of additional equipment.  Simply put, the water itself is a form of fitness equipment.  

Because movements in all directions are resisted, water exercise is ideal for optimal muscle balance.  The Poolfit app has a wide variety of water workouts.

#3   Balanced Muscles & Joints
All movements are resisted in the water and that means muscles on both sides of the joint are targeted.  For example, performing arm curls in the water works both the bicep and tricep, improving muscular balance and joint integrity.  Typically, posterior muscle groups atrophy more prominently as we age, leading to joint imbalances and musculoskeletal disorders.  Water is the great equalizer. 

Deep water fitness is completely non-impact on your joints.  The Poolfit App has over 60 deep water workouts.

#4   Zero-Gravity Fitness
Exercising in deep water means zero gravity and zero impact.  If you gave up jogging because it hurts, the good news is that you can sprint as hard and as fast as you want in deep water.  Deep water running with a flotation belt is a popular way to burn calories and get fit. Exercising in zero gravity provides athletic opportunities that could never be achieved in land-based exercise.

Give your joints a break and try some challenging HIIT and Tabata workouts in the pool.  The Poolfit App has over 50 high intensity workouts.

#5  Cross Training Advantages
If you are currently jogging, cycling or engaging in other land fitness activities, water exercise provides ideal cross training to break plateaus and limit joint impact.  Alternating between gravity and buoyancy will expand your fitness opportunities and limit your risk of injury.

Looking to lose weight?  Try exercising in the pool where the buoyancy takes impact off your joints and you can exercise with more vigor. Poolfit App workouts are led by top industry instructors.

#6   Weight Loss
People often get discouraged trying to lose weight because they participate in exercise activities that are too strenuous or uncomfortable.  Set yourself up for success and try exercising in the pool.  Water fitness eliminates pain and discomfort thanks to reduced impact and the cooling factor, thus promoting exercise adherence and weight loss results.

Recovering from an injury. Don't skip your exercise. Instead take your workouts to the pool for a safer and more risk free experience.  The Poolfit App has workouts for all ages and fitness levels.

#7   Injury Recovery
As we age, the biggest obstacle to maintaining regular exercise is injury.  Physically active people become frustrated by what seems like a never-ending cycle of injuries that limits their fitness activities.  Don’t get frustrated.   Get in the water and modify your exercise in a safer environment.

Having trouble walking outdoors.  Try walking in the pool instead.  The water's viscosity provides support so you can exercise more confidently.  The Poolfit App has a wide variety of workouts for aging bodies.

#8   Supportive Environment
Balance often becomes an issue as people age. The fear of falling can prevent people from participating in an exercise program.  The water provides a supportive environment in which people exercise with more confidence knowing that they aren’t going to fall and hurt themselves. 

Exercise is the best remedy for stiff achy joints.  Even better, water exercise is ideal for exercising safely and improving your activities of daily living.  The Poolfit App has several workouts for joint and muscular flexibility.

#9   Improved Daily Living
Water fitness allows people to exercise longer and with more intensity, improving muscular endurance and stamina, which helps them move better and live better.  Water exercise also allows people to move their limbs more freely in multiple directions, improving range of motion and the ability to perform daily activities more efficiently. 

Exercise feels good, but exercising in the water feels especially good.  The Poolfit App has over 175 pool workouts that will help you move better, feel better and live better.

#10   Feels Good
Exercising in the water simply feels good on the body and is fun. If you have access to an outdoor pool, there is nothing quite like the joy of exercising in the morning sunlight in the soothing comfort of water. Ask a friend to join you in a pool workout for some added socialization. 

Interested in trying some workouts in your pool?  The PoolFit App has a wide variety of workouts that will appeal to all fitness levels. Two new exercise videos post every month.  Get ready to channel your inner athlete and transform your pool into a liquid gym.   

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.