HIIT Circuit Pool Workout

Tuesday, March 05 2024

Try a HIIT circuit pool workout that can be performed with the featured equipment, other equipment or no equipment at all. Join Irene Pluim-Mentz for a 52-minute shallow water pool workout that targets upper body, lower body and core.

This water workout includes a warm-up, cool down and 8 exercise circuits/stations using the Aqua-Ohm, Liquid Stars and the pool wall. HydroRevolution Drag Resistance Equipment can be substituted for the Aqua-Ohm, and foam dumbbells can be swapped in for the Liquid Stars. Or the workout can be performed without equipment. Each of the 8 circuits includes four exercises, performed for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds. Keep in mind, it is perfectly fine to modify Poolfit workouts.

Circuit 1:  This station targets upper body with drag resistance.
Circuit 2:  Upper body is again targeted, but with buoyant resistance.
Circuit 3:  This station targets lower body with drag resistance.
Circuit 4:  Buoyant resistance is used to target core stability.
Circuit 5:  Drag resistance is once again used to target upper body.
Circuit 6:  The lower body is targeted with buoyant resistance.
Circuit 7:  Lower body is once again the focus with drag resistance.
Circuit 8:  This final circuits uses the pool wall to strengthen core muscles.
Below, Irene talks more about HIIT Stations and modifications for the equipment. Then read more about her inspiration for this content.



HIIT Stations Inspiration
By Irene Pluim Mentz
Circuit workouts can be taught with the instructor leading the whole group, or with individual stations. In this circuit work-out I use stations for my classes, with each station focusing on a particular muscle group. The exercise selection features similar movement patterns to work towards fatigue during the duration of the circuit workout. Each of the 8 stations includes four exercises taught with a timing ration of 00:45 work/ 00:15 recovery.   

To make the stations most effective for students to follow along on their own, it is best to use basic movements so that the participants can perform the movements without the instructor being at every station. The exercises with the Aqua-Ohm may be unfamiliar for some, and so I have included the instructional video that shows the different positions.



This workout was designed to showcase a simple station-style workout that feature progressive overload to improve muscle mass. Like the Aqua-Om Workout, this video also highlights the four S’s. 1) Stability, by giving cues to narrow your stance or even stand on one leg. 2) Strength with the drag equipment and the speed of movement. 3) Stamina using the same muscle group for multiple segments per station to work towards muscle fatigue.  4) And of course the Stretching for muscular flexibility.

The drag resistance can also be performed with HydroRevolution Drag Resistance Equipment, webbed gloves, or no equipment at all. The Liquid Stars can be replaced with foam dumbbells. Speaking of the Liquid Stars, in the video I am holding them with my fingers through the mouth and my thumb through an eye.  However, for bigger moves, you can hold them with your fingers through the mouth and your thumb around the outside edge, so that more of the star shape is outside of your hand.  This provides you with more surface area and greater resistance.
As we all know, stations are a great way to optimize the use of your available equipment. They are also perfect for when you don’t have a lot of each type of equipment. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as how to incorporate a few pieces of equipment into a great workout. Thank you for joining me.

Poolfit extends thanks to Irene for sharing her ideas and knowledge. She is the inventor of the Aqua-Ohm Drag Resistance Equipment. Sold for $34.95, Poolfit subscribers can receive 10% off a purchase using the code: FM10PF.  The Liquid Stars can be purchased for $25-$30 through Indigo Aquatics. Stay tuned for one more workout with Irene, Water exercises for Hip & Knee,  posting next month. 



Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.