Personal Training in the Pool

Sunday, February 20 2022

Poolfit is exploring a new category of videos for personal training and rehab/recovery.  These videos will be different.  Instead of a follow-along approach, the plan is that these videos will provide the exercises and suggested sets and repetitions.  Subscribers can do these fitness routines at their own pace and with their own music.  Printable notes will be included in the blog.  Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour inaugurates this category with a workout she shared with clients during the COVID lock downs in 2020.  

Pandemic Inspired
New York City was ground zero for COVID in Spring 2020.  Living in Manhattan, Jenni Lynn’s fitness business took a huge hit during the lock down.  Many of her class participants left the city during this time, with several of them heading to Florida.  With warm weather and access to pools, they wanted to continue their S’WET Fitness classes in the pool.  Consequently, Jenni Lynn pivoted to virtual instruction, as opposed to “live” classes and training sessions. Many land fitness instructors were having great success with ZOOM classes during this time.  But water fitness?  Hmmm…how to do that?   “I provided the exercises, sets and reps via Zoom sessions that I could record and send to them,” says Jenni Lynn.  She then encouraged them to modify as they wished, by adding more sets and reps or even equipment. SWET PT is an example of a fitness routine that she shared with clients.   Watch Jenni Lynn talk more about SWET PT

How you can use this video?
This video is completely unlike any other video on Poolfit and it is meant to be.  Poolfit videos are follow-along videos, similar to taking a class.  This new category of video will be self-directed. The plan is to have a short video will demonstrate the exercises and provide recommended sets and reps.  You can do the exercises in any pool, at your own pace, without music, or with your own music.  These videos will include notes, which will be included in the associated blog.  SWET PT Notes.  Consider printing these notes and putting them in a plastic sleeve so you can take them poolside.  This way you won’t have use the app and pause the screen after each segment, such as in the SWET PT video.  Instead, watch the 20-minute video before heading to the pool and use the notes if it is easier that way.  How do you bring notes to the pool?  Below is a photo of me rehearsing a routine with my notes clipped (Yes…with Chip Clips) to a laundry rack

Poolfit Personal Training & Rehab/Recovery Video Categories
Why are we exploring a different method of providing workouts when we have so many videos?   There are several reasons.  First and foremost, not everyone wants to follow-along with a workout, for the same reason many people do not like taking group fitness classes.  They want to exercise on their own, at their own pace, without having to pay attention and follow cues.  Some people don’t want the music, or they want to exercise to their own music.  Trust me, we get it.  The music in the videos is less than ideal.  We are stuck with using royalty-free music and it is never very good.    However, the main reason we are implementing this new category is that we can address more niche/specific exercise needs with this style of video.

 SWET PT is simply the first attempt.  We will try others over time, using different approaches until we get just the right video method for providing personal training and rehab/recovery in the pool.  Please provide us your feedback regarding these types of videos by emailing me:

This video, along with 15-minute Core Conditioning, brings to a close our existing inventory of videos that were produced in Fall 2021.  Our winter hiatus is officially over.  Filming production has resumed and thankfully the weather here in Florida has warmed up just in time.   Get ready for all new content and some new video leaders. 
The next 3 videos to post:
March 8:  20 40 60 HIIT with Sharlie.  Deep & shallow high intensity exercise
March 15:  Pilates Power with Anne.  Shallow water Pilates
March 22:  Splash Intervals with Mark.  Deep & shallow high intensity intervals


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.