Pool Workout for Abs and Glutes

Wednesday, April 24 2024

Poolfit welcomes Monique Acton to the instructor team with her debut video, Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp. Follow along with this 60-minute water workout that is broken into three parts, cardio intervals that emphasize abs and glutes, pool noodle water exercises for the abs and pool noodle water exercises for the glutes.

In addition to uploading this 60-minute video, we are also uploading the three sections separately.
1. Aquatic Camp – Cardio Intervals Only
2. Aquatic Camp – Abs Only
3. Aquatic Camp – Glutes Only
The Poolfit playlist feature has become popular and these shorter 15-20 minute videos can be stacked with another workout or workouts on days when you want extra cardio, abs or glutes.

Monique comes to the Poolfit platform with lots of experience. She has been educating and certifying aquatic fitness instructors for the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) since 1995. Monique is based in Venice, Florida and operates her own business, The Personal Health Trac, Inc, where she offers aquatic personal training and aquatic fitness classes.

Pool Workout at-a-Glance
Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp includes a warm-up, cool down and several exercise segments for the three main sections that are 15-20 minutes each.
Section 1:  Cardio Intervals
This section includes four exercise segments that provide cardio endurance training that emphasizes the glutes and the abs. In each segment, three cardio exercises are performed back-to-back for 1 minute each, followed by a 1-minute recovery exercise that also targets the abs or glutes.
Section 2: Pool Noodle Resistance Training for Abs
This section also includes four exercise segments, each featuring four 1-minute exercises that target the abs with the use of a pool noodle. The exercises are performed standing, seated, prone and reclined.
Section 3: Pool Noodle Resistance Training for Glutes
All of the glute exercises using a pool noodle are included in one longer 18-minute segment. 
Below, Monique provides more insight into the creation of Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp

Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp Inspiration
By Monique Acton
Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp is a catchy name for a water fitness class that takes ab and glute training to the next level. The idea behind this workout comes from teaching mixed-level water fitness classes with class members who are ready to progress. This format takes exercises they are already familiar with and advances them into next-level movements. During the first main section, we focus on the gluteal muscles with higher intensity cardio intervals. We then follow that up with abdominal work using lower-intensity cardio intervals. The intervals are set up in progressive fashion, with each of the four exercises getting more advanced. This allows participants to stay with the movement they are familiar with or advance to the next exercise/level. Utilizing 1-minute exercises allows the individual to work to their fullest while listening to their bodies. They always have an option to dial back whenever needed. Many of the moves are suspended, which is what makes them more advanced. But participants can touch down and then return back to the suspended position whenever they want. However, if someone is not comfortable taking their feet off the pool floor at all, they will have to modify or substitute other exercises on their own. The interval portion of the class does not require any special equipment, instead it uses a powerful combination of grounded, bounded and suspended moves.
The second and third sections of Aquatic Gut & Glute Camp focus on targeting the abdominal muscles (section two) and the gluteal muscles (section three), using a pool noodle. I created these two sections because almost everyone has a pool noodle to bring to the pool to exercise, and almost every instructor has access to pool noodles at their facility. During the abdominal resistance training segment, the body is in various positions, including vertical, modified supine, and modified prone. 
During the gluteal resistance training segment, the pool noodle is used by placing your foot on it. The leg will move in various ways to target the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, along with other lower body muscles based on the multiple joints involved during the exercise. The gluteal exercises can be progressed by first performing the exercises without a noodle and then advancing to a lightweight noodle, and ultimately to a larger, denser noodle.
I hope you enjoy this video as much I did creating this workout.


Poolfit extends gratitude to Monique for sharing her vast knowledge and excellent cueing skills with subscribers. Stay tuned for more videos with her in 2024. In the meantime, enjoy this splashy ab & glute challenge.  And if you are enjoying Poolfit, please consider helping us by leaving a review in the App Store or Play Store. It would be huge help to us as we gear up for another pool season.


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.