Water Running & Strength Exercise

Saturday, August 31 2019

Do you prefer simple pool workouts that challenge your athletic capabilities?  Run2Strength is a high intensity interval workout that combines water running with powerful strength moves.  Burn calories and get stronger with exercises that target upper body, legs and core. 

AquaGym Fitness (AGF) makes its debut on PoolFit.   AGF founder, Stephanie Newberry, showcases one of the brand’s favorite high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, Run2Strength, with the help of AGF teammate, Alexis Casey.  Water exercise enthusiasts will love this simple but challenging pool workout that is easy to follow and delivers results.

Run2Strength was designed to help AquaGym clients work at a fast paced level. “Our ‘ramp up run’ that begins each of the 10 blocks helps our students understand the level of intensity we hope to see them continue through the entire set,” says Stephanie.  Each of these ramp-up runs is followed by a powerful strength move that is repeated for three minutes.  “Repeating is important not only for really working specific muscles, but also you can focus on the form of each move,” adds Stephanie. 

Run2Strength Workout-at-a-Glance

Workout Template
The Run2Strength template features 10 blocks of exercise; each block is four minutes long.  

Ramp up Run:  1 minute  (00:20 low intensity  00:20 medium intensity  00:20  high intensity)

Strength move:   3 minutes (timed according to right/left execution or variations of intensity)

Adjusting the Workout Template
The best kind of workout is one that can be replicated over and over with fresh moves.  Run2Strength not only provides water exercise enthusiasts with a follow-along pool workout, it also provides them with template that can be easily refreshed.   Swap out existing strength moves for other moves.  Add variations to the ramp-up runs.  Don’t let yourself get bored with a workout.   If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got!  Let this pool workout simply provide you with a timing template and feel free to swap in some of your favorite moves. 

Blocks 3, 6, 9
Blocks 1 & 2 introduce new power/strength moves.  Block 3 combines the moves introduced in blocks 1 & 2.   This same scenario is repeated for blocks 4& 5 and blocks 7 & 8. 

Block 10
Get ready for a surprise!   All strength moves introduced throughout the entire workout are repeated in this blockbuster 10-minute finale. 

The equipment used in this workout was that amazing force called WATER.  As mentioned in other blogs, Water exercise enthusiasts should become skilled at using the water’s resistance before attempting to add in other equipment.  With that said, drag equipment, such as Aqualogix or Webbed Gloves, would be ideal for this workout. 

Why Running?
All 10 blocks in this workout start with one minute of water running at varying intensities.   Asked what inspired her to format the workout in this manner, Stephanie responded by stating that many of her clients have removed running from their exercise routine because it became too difficult on land.  “Running is an excellent cardio respiratory exercise that burns lots of calories and I think our clients really enjoy getting the benefits of running in this workout without the pain of traditional running on land,” says Stephanie. 

Why Intervals?
The AquaGym Fitness brand was launched a few years ago with a concentration on HIIT workouts, although they have since branched out into other formats.  According to Stephanie, her participants love HIIT training because the workouts are results-oriented,  simple to follow and they work harder knowing there is a rest coming.  Watch Stephanie explain some of the benefits of HIIT training and see some links below for more information.

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AquaGym Fitness is an aquatic fitness company based in northern Florida in the Jacksonville area that offers private training and classes in resort communities, county clubs and recreation centers.   PoolFit extends a big thank you to both Stephanie and Alexis for traveling to Sarasota and filming their first videos.   Stay tuned next month as Stephanie and Alexis showcase AquaGym Fitness workout #2 – Partner Drills. You can exercise with a buddy to this partner pool workout or follow along on your own. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.