15-Minute Cardio Abs Wall Workout

CARDIO-CORE TRAINING/POOL WALL. Choose your depth – deep or shallow. This 15-minute cardio abs water workout uses the pool wall for core training intensity and creativity. Add this video to your downloads and combine it with another pool workout any time you want to turbo-charge your daily exercise.
Workout Details
  • 15 minutes
  • Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Intensity 8/10
  • Cardio Core Wall
  • Cardio & Abs
  • Shallow or Deep
  • Flotation belt in deep water
15-Minute Cardio Abs Wall Workout video blog

Cardio Abs Water Workout with Pool Wall
Happy New Year and GOODBYE to 2020! Get ready to turbo-charge your post-holiday workout schedule. The Cardio Abs Wall Workout is an intense 15-minutes of athletic core training using the pool wall. This cardio-core training can be done in either deep or shallow water.