Active Recovery Intervals

DUAL-DEPTH HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL WORKOUT. AquaGym Fitness proves that simple does not mean easy. This 55-minute water workout is perfect for those days you don’t want to think, you just want to exercise – and exercise HARD. Performed in either deep or shallow water, this high intensity interval workout will challenge your cardio and muscular endurance and build your stamina for all of life’s activities. SUMMER IS HERE! Have you left us a review in the App Store? May I BEG you to please do so? Link in blog.
Workout Details


55 minutes




Interval Training




Deep or Shallow

Training Focus

Cardio/Muscular Endurance



Active Recovery Intervals video blog

KISS Pool Workout
AquaGym Fitness is a back with another fast-paced interval style workout. Active Recovery Intervals with Stephanie Newberry is a simple but challenging 55-minute pool workout that can be performed in either deep or shallow water. Applying the KISS Principle to exercise, this water workout is based on the repetition of basic exercises that allows you to apply all-out effort without complicated movement.