Ai Chi Yoga

RELAXATION & STRETCH. Feeling tense? This 15-minute stretch & relaxation video combines gentle Ai Chi movement with yoga poses for a soothing blend of rhythmic and static stretching. This is a must-add to your downloads for those times you want extra stretching and an opportunity to bliss out in the pool.
Workout Details
  • 16 Minutes
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Intensity 2/10
  • Ai Chi & Yoga
  • Flexibility & Relaxation
  • Shallow water
  • None
Ai Chi Yoga video blog

Ai Chi Yoga: Water Exercise Stretch & Relaxation
Recent events have been stressful and unsettling. Submerge into the pool and click on the 15-Minute Ai Chi Yoga video for some much needed stress relief and soothing stretching. The combination of gentle Ai Chi movement, yoga postures and deep breathing is a wellness prescription for much needed tension release.