Aqua Kickboxing Gym Workout

AQUA KICKBOXING. Join Mark for some kickboxing-inspired fitness that includes high-energy kicks, punches, jump roping, battle ropes and more. This shallow water workout recreates a kickboxing gym experience in the pool with a fun add-on approach. Equipment is not required, but webbed gloves would be ideal for creating extra upper body resistance. Read the featured blog for more details.
Workout Details
  • 58 minutes
  • Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Intensity 7/10
  • Kickboxing
  • Cardio/Muscular Endurance
  • Shallow water
  • None or Webbed Gloves
Aqua Kickboxing Gym Workout video blog

Aqua Kickboxing Workout
Wind up some powerful punches and kicks against the water’s resistance in this kickboxing-inspired pool workout. The kickboxing moves are taught with an add-on approach, creating an ever-expanding tsunami of non-stop action. Just add water and recreate a splashy kickboxing gym workout, complete with kicks, punches, jump ropes, sprints, battle ropes and more.