Chair Dance'letics

IN-HOME FITNESS. Occasionally we post In-Home workouts. THE NEXT WATER WORKOUT POSTS ON JULY 27. This 45-minute chair workout blends together arthritis exercises with seated dance aerobics. Ideal for people with arthritis or those who want to keep their joints healthy & supple.
Workout Details
  • 45 minutes
  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Intensity 4/10
  • Chair Exercise
  • Joint Mobility
  • N/A (In-home workout)
  • None
Chair Dance'letics video blog

Arthritis Chair Aerobics
Arthritis exercise programs don’t have to be boring. Designed to make exercise fun and your joints happy, Chair Dance’letics is a 45-minute chair workout that blends together arthritis exercises with seated aerobic choreography. PoolFit occasionally posts In-home Workouts. The next WATER WORKOUT posts on July 27.