Deep CardioTone

DEEP WATER CIRCUIT WORKOUT. This 45-minute deep water circuit format features 6 tri-circuits. Each 5-minute tri-circuit includes 1) 60-seconds of upper body 2) 3 minutes of cardio 3) 45-seconds of lower body. Teach with the wall or without; or modify as a shallow workout.
Workout Details
  • 45 minutes
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Intensity 7/10
  • Aerobic, upper & lower body
  • Deep water circuit training
  • Deep water
  • Flotation belt is required
Deep CardioTone video blog

Deep Workout with Pool Wall
Explore deep-water fitness that is ideal for smaller pools or deep ends. All of the exercises are performed near or with the pool wall. This pool workout mixes up high-intensity cardio with focused segments of upper and lower body strength.