Deep Water Pure Strength

DEEP-WATER MUSCLE CONDITIONING.  This 15-minute deep water exercise video features 15 strength exercises, each performed for 1-minute. We filmed two versions of this video.  Deep Water Pure Strength is performed without equipment to better understand hand positions and directional forces. Deep Water Loaded Strength was filmed with HydroRevolution Drag Resistance to showcase the positioning and use of the equipment. Please read the blog for this video. It includes videos that educate hand positions & directional forces, with & without equipment. There is also a coupon code for the equipment. Stay tuned!  Two shallow water strength videos with 15 different exercises post next week. Enjoying Poolfit?  Please scroll down and Leave a Review. Lots of people are shopping the app stores this summer and your review would really help our small business.

Workout Details






Muscle Conditioning




Deep water

Training Focus

Total Body


Flotation belt

Deep Water Pure Strength video blog

Deep Water Muscle Conditioning
Join Mark in the deep end of the pool and get stronger with this 15-minute water exercise video that features 15 deep-water strength exercises that target chest, quads, back, hamstrings, shoulders, glutes, arms, thighs and core. We filmed two versions, one without equipment and one with HydroRevolution Drag Resistance equipment.