Fish Out of Water

OVERHEAD ARM CHALLENGE. It is recommended that the majority of arm patterns in an aquatic fitness workout be kept under the water, however arms above the surface of the water can enhance functionality and increase the heartrate. Join Sharlie in this 20-minute arm and cardio challenge if you are looking to add extra intensity to your pool workouts. Caution: If you have shoulder weakness, discomfort or pain, please avoid this workout.
Workout Details
  • 20-minutes
  • Advanced
  • Intensity 8/10
  • Overhead arms
  • Arms and cardio
  • Shallow water
  • None
Fish Out of Water video blog

20-Minute Aquatic Arm Challenge
Join Sharlie Peterson in this 20-minute express pool workout and take away some ideas for intensifying traditional aqua moves with some overhead arm patterns. Fish Out of Water provides some great options for taking your water workouts to a higher intensity with some big and bold arm patterns.