Partner Drills

WATER EXERCISE BUDDY OR INDIVIDUAL. This 45-minute interval/circuit workout features two stations/exercises – one using the wall and one using the water’s resistance or equipment. Each exercise is taught for 50 seconds and then 10 seconds of recovery is to rotate to the second station. This workout can be done with a workout buddy or by yourself rotating stations.
Workout Details
  • 45-minutes
  • Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Intensity 8/10
  • Circuit/Interval - solo or partner
  • Upper body and core
  • Shallow water
  • Optional (drag equipment)
Partner Drills video blog

Wall & Strength Interval Workout – Solo or Partner
AquaGym Fitness Workout #2 – Partner Drills, is a circuit/interval style class that features two stations – one using the pool wall and one for strength (equipment optional), allowing you to either partner with a workout body or rotate between the two stations yourself.