Pool Noodle Lower Body workout

NOODLE LOWER BODY TRAINING – SHALLOW OR DEEP. It’s Leg Day in the pool…again! This time the legs are targeted with noodles and several circuits of exercises designed to train cardio and muscular endurance. This workout can be performed in shallow or deep water and is labeled ADVANCED due to the agility & balance required to stand on the noodle. Please read the blog below for more details.
Workout Details
  • 48 minutes
  • Advanced
  • Intensity 7/10
  • Circuit Workout
  • Lower body/Cardio
  • Shallow or deep
  • Noodle
Pool Noodle Lower Body workout video blog

Leg Workout with Noodles
PoolFit is rewinding and reloading Leg Day in the pool, this time with noodles. This 48-minute water workout features several circuits of exercises that target lower body muscles and provide cardio benefits. Best of all, this workout can be performed in both shallow and deep water.