Retro Waves

DEEP OR SHALLOW WATER AEROBICS. We have been posting a lot of work and recovery HIIT workouts lately and therefore we wanted to offer something different. This 50-minute water aerobics workout features fun choreography and challenging water specific moves that can be performed in both deep and shallow water. Travel back in time with Mark to a time when cardio workouts were designed with a bell curve of energy expenditure and training was continuous with no rest or recovery cycles. Pool season is coming! Please help us increase our customer base by leaving us a review on the App or Play Store.
Workout Details
  • 50 minutes
  • Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Intensity 7/10
  • Aerobic
  • Cardio, Core & Endurance
  • Deep or Shallow
  • None (belt if deep)
Retro Waves video blog

Water Aerobics Deep and Shallow
Rediscover water aerobics, choreography and that thing called a bell curve. Travel back in time with Mark when cardio workouts were continuous and there was no rest or recovery. Retro Waves is a 50-minutes water aerobics workout that showcases fun and challenging exercise that could never be performed on land. This pool workout can be enjoyed in both deep and shallow water.