Ride the Wave Deep

DEEP WATER INTERVAL TRAINING. Based on the same interval template as Ride the Wave, this newly created deep water version includes a variety of science-backed mini interval workouts that feature different timing ratios and intensity levels. Get ready for a deep water tsunami that is guaranteed to promote fat loss and boost metabolism. Read the associated blog for more details and take a survey to help us make Poolfit better.
Workout Details
  • 53 minutes
  • Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Intensity 8/10
  • Interval Training
  • cardio and weight loss
  • Deep water
  • Flotation belt
Ride the Wave Deep video blog

Deep Water Exercise for Fat Loss
Filmed for Fitmotivation in 2017 and featuring Stephanie Thielen, Ride the Wave was an epic 2-part shallow water series that featured 6 different types of interval training. Inspired by this science-backed, results-driven format, I decided to create a deep water version. Get ready for a 53-minute tsunami of high intensity deep water exercise.