ShaDeep Interval Training

AQUA BOOT CAMP. We chose this video as a FREE WORKOUT to give potential Poolfit customers a taste of a more athletic/advanced water exercise workout that can be done in either deep or shallow water. (Flotation belt required for deep water) This fun & challenging pool workout targets both traditional components of fitness and the components related to athletic performance, including agility, speed, power, coordination and more. Deep or shallow, get ready to unleash your inner athlete!
Workout Details


47 minutes




Boot Camp


Intermediate/ Advanced


Shallow or Deep

Training Focus

Overall Fitness


None (webbed gloves optional)

ShaDeep Interval Training video blog

Aqua Boot Camp Workout
Spring has sprung, inspiring me to channel my inner coach by creating a spring training-themed pool workout that targets skills related to athletic performance. Unleash your inner athlete with a fun aqua boot camp workout designed to make you a champion in daily activities by increasing stamina, agility, speed and more.