Shallow Water Loaded Strength

SHALLOW WATER MUSCLE CONDITIONING.  This 15-minute water exercise video features 15 shallow water-specific strength exercises, each performed for 1-minute.  We filmed two versions of this video.  Shallow Water Pure Strength is performed without equipment to better understand hand positions and directional forces. Shallow Water Loaded Strength was filmed with the HydroRevolution Drag Resistance Equipment to showcase the positioning and use of the equipment. Details on the equipment are provided in the video blog. Enjoying Poolfit?  Please scroll down and Leave a Review. Sharing your experience can encourage others to begin their fitness journey in the water.

Workout Details


15 minutes




Muscle Conditioning




Shallow water

Training Focus

Total Body


Aqualogix bells & fins

Shallow Water Loaded Strength video blog

Shallow Water Muscle Conditioning
Join Mark in the pool and get stronger with this 15-minute water exercise video that features 15 shallow-water strength exercises that target chest, quads, back, hamstrings, shoulders, glutes, arms, thighs and core. We filmed two versions, one without equipment and one with HydroRevolution Drag Resistance equipment.