Upper FIIT

SHALLOW WATER UPPER BODY TRAINING. Upper FIIT is a 25-minute water exercise video designed to specifically target muscles from the hips and above. This pool workout can be used on its own or partnered with Lower FIIT to be a 50-minute total body conditioning workout (Lower FIIT will post in February 2024). Aqualogix drag-resistance bells and pool noodles are used in this video, however modifications can be made with other drag-resistance equipment or no equipment.  Enjoying the Poolfit app? Please help us grow by leaving a review. (scroll below)

Workout Details
  • 25 minutes
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Intensity 7/10
  • Circuit
  • Upper Body
  • Shallow water
  • Aqualogix bells or webbed gloves, noodle
Upper FIIT video blog

Upper Body Water Fitness Workout
Upper FIIT with Katy Coffey targets everything from the hips and above. In addition to traditional upper body muscle groups, there is also a dedicated core-focused segment and metabolic conditioning exercises, all providing a well-rounded and effective workout. If you don't have the Aqualogix drag resistance bells, you can just use your arms and hand positions against the water’s resistance.