Water Exercise for Lower Back

WATER EXERCISES FOR CORE & LOWER BACK.  Lower Back stiffness and pain is a common malady for many. This 35-minute pool workout provides stretching, strengthening and stability exercises for core muscles, in particular the lower back. A pool noodle is used, along with the Aqua Ohm. If you do not have the Aqua Ohm, consider using a towel or other drag equipment as a replacement. Filmed in shallow water, most of the exercises can be done in deep water.

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Workout Details
  • 35 minutes
  • All levels
  • Intensity 4/10
  • Gentle
  • Core
  • Shallow water
  • Noodle and Aqua-Ohm
Water Exercise for Lower Back  video blog

Water Fitness for Lower Back
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 620 million people suffer from lower back pain globally. Strengthening your core muscles is a key strategy for preventing lower back issues. Water Exercises for Lower Back with Irene Pluim Mentz is a 35-minute pool workout designed to train the core for optimal lower back health.