Water Exercise Lower Body Circuits

WATER FITNESS LOWER BODY CIRCUITS – CARDIO & STRENGTH. Join Mark for Leg Day in the pool. Lower body exercises are paired with non-stop movement for an ideal blend of cardio and muscular endurance. No equipment needed. Ankle fins for extra drag resistance are OPTIONAL. Read the workout blog for more information.
Workout Details


48 minutes




Circuit Workout


Intermediate/ Advanced


Shallow water

Training Focus

Lower body/Cardio


None (drag equipment optional)

Water Exercise Lower Body Circuits video blog

Water Workout for Legs
It’s Leg Day! Poolfit is recreating a lower body gym workout in the pool. Join Mark for some intense lower body circuits that deliver cardio and muscular endurance by blending leg exercises with non-stop movement. Equipment is not necessary, however experienced exercisers can consider using the Aqualogix Ankle Fins for maximal drag resistance.