Deep Water Aerobics & Abs Workout

Wednesday, May 26 2021

This water exercise video showcases unique opportunities for core training in the deep end of your swimming pool, while burning calories in a 45-minute deep water aerobic workout.  Deep water exercise with a flotation belt allows for repositioning of the body from vertical to horizontal for creative and challenging core training in the pool.

The deep water videos on Poolfit have been the most popular thanks to the reality of many home pool designs. Home pools were often built with limited shallow space at a rather unusable depth of 3.6 feet, before a steep slope into the deep end.  Consequently, deep water exercise is the only option for many.  For the most part, we have strived to post dual depth (sha-deep) workouts that can be performed in any depth.  But just as we post shallow water specific workouts, we also like to post deep water specific workouts because of the unique training opportunities they provide. 

Zero Gravity
Deep water exercise is performed in 100% buoyancy and zero gravity.  There is no other exercise experience like it.  Not only impact free on your joints, deep water exercise with a flotation belt allows for acrobatic maneuvering of the body, reminiscent of astronauts floating in space.  This buoyant freedom targets muscle groups, especially the core muscles, in ways other exercise cannot. 

Deep Cardio & Core
After the warm-up, the next two segments target cardiorespiratory endurance with variations of base moves.  The first segment, Cardio Prep, elevates the heartrate into the target range aerobic zone with variations of jogs and kicks. The next segment, Cardio Finisher, includes variations of skis and jacks and amps the intensity with longer levers and bigger moves.  The following two segments continue on with aerobic training, but the focus shifts to targeting core muscles.  The first segment, Core prep, features variations of moguls and tucks that move the body from vertical to horizontal for lateral flexion of the spine (moguls) and spinal flexion and extension (tucks).   The next segment, Core Finisher, digs deeper into core training with rotational movements and spinal flexion and extension in a horizontal, modified supine position. 

Flotation Belt & Webbed Gloves
The flotation belt is what allows the body to be positioned in a horizontal, modified supine position for over 5 minutes.  This would not be possible without a belt, unless someone has an abundantly buoyant body type that allows them to float without sculling or effort. There are many reasons why a flotation belt is required for deep water and even buoyant body types should be aware of these reasons.  Webbed gloves provide extra upper body muscle conditioning as they add more drag resistance to arm movements.  People with less buoyant body types (sinkers), should also consider using webbed gloves because they provide stronger upward propulsion with arm movements.  

Deck Instruction/Audio Quality
Most subscribers are using the app for both video/audio while doing the workouts.  However, some subscribers do rely on just audio with the app or the audio downloads and it is important to note that videos led from deck will not have the same quality of audio as in-pool workouts.  The sound quality is not as much the issue as is the quality of the cueing.  The cueing when led from deck will not be as descriptive as the voice-over narration featured in the in-pool workouts. 

Deep Core Express
After completing the Deep Cardio & Core video, it occurred to me that the second half of the video would make a great addition to the 15-Minute Video Category as a unique deep water core training video.  The 15-Minute videos are designed to be combined with other full workouts to provide extra ab work, stretching or muscular conditioning.  Look for Deep Core Express and add this workout to another water exercise video on those days you want some extra abs or core training. 

Enjoy the unique training opportunities that deep water provides.  Something tells me that you are going to FEEL the core work in this video.  Poolfit is simply the only water exercise app where you will find a wide variety of high-quality water exercise workouts.  If you are enjoying the app and have not yet left us a review, please consider leaving us a Rating & Review on the App Store, Play Store or Facebook. People read reviews before making a purchasing decision and your review can help us increase visibility and subscribers. 
Thank you for supporting Poolfit. 

Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.