Low Impact Fitness Workout

Monday, October 30 2023

Get ready for a free-spirited dance-based fitness class designed to help you lose your inhibitions and channel both your inner dancer and inner athlete. DAT-Dance is a 60-minute in-home workout with Ronnie Miller, the creator of D.A.T.-Fitness®. Sometimes you can’t get in the pool and Poolfit is dedicated to continuing to produce low-impact indoor workouts that can serve as either a substitute or a compliment to a water workout.

DAT-Dance is the land-based version of Ronnie’s water exercise video, D.A.T.-H2O, which was posted in June 2023. Both videos showcase three different exercise formats. The D stands for dance fitness, the A stands for agility drills, and the T is for training, as in strength training. The three formats combine to create a mixture of steady-state cardio, low intensity interval training (LIIT) and muscle conditioning.

This 60-minute in-home workout includes a warmup, cool down and ten exercise segments, three for dance fitness, three for agility drills, three for strength training and one for floor work. In the video, Ronnie uses rubberized tubing for the strength training. If you do not have rubberized tubing, you can modify these exercises with hand weights or anything on hand, such as canned goods from your pantry. The tubing used in the video was the Les Mills™ SMARTBAND Extreme™.
Segment 1 - Warm-up. This segment includes 5-minutes of rhythmic movement designed to prepare the muscles and joints for the workout.
Segments 2, 5, 8 – Dance. The two 5-minute dance segments include low-impact dance choreography that can be layered from beginner to more advanced with options for intricacy and intensity. Regardless of the options chosen, Ronnie invites all to let their inner dancer run wild.  “Think Beyonce!”
Segments 3, 6, 9 – Agility. Time to get LIIT! The two agility segments include low intensity interval training (LIIT) drills. The same exercise is performed four times for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of recovery. Options are provided for beginner to advanced participants. 
Segments 4, 7, 10 – Training. The two strength training segments include the use of rubberized tubing as mentioned above. These 5-minute segments can be modified with other equipment or performed with no equipment at all. 
Segment 11 – Floor Work. This segment features mat work for legs and core.
Segment 12 – Cool down.  Join Ronnie for some rhythmic movement and static stretching.

DAT-Dance features Ronnie’s signature style of combining steady-state cardio with higher intensity drills, all while providing options for varying fitness levels. Watch her talk more about this below and then read about her inspiration behind the D.A.T. format. 



D.A.T. Inspiration
By Ronnie Miller
Some say leave your attitude at the door, I say bring it to your workout. Let no judgment and no rules guide your dance experience in DAT-DANCE. This fun-filled workout is designed to get you moving, grooving, and burning calories. The agility drills build stamina, while the strength training is all about getting stronger. New to fitness?  No worries!  This workout includes options for beginner-to-advanced participants. Most important, this workout is low impact, which makes it a perfect substitute for an aquatic fitness class. My inspiration for the D.A.T format evolved over many years of teaching and training in the fitness industry. Zumba started a revolution of dance fitness programs based on specialized music and dance, spawning several other dance-based fitness classes. As a fitness director, I wasn’t seeing much improvement or progression in the club members that were participating in these dance formats. This inspired me to create my own. DAT-Fitness® was created to offer three levels of fitness - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Layering classes for different fitness levels is how group fitness classes have been traditionally taught. Additionally, I also offered a no judgement zone. Participants are free to move organically and do any type of movement as a modification to what is being instructed. DAT-DANCE is the low impact version of D.A.T.-FITNESS®. During Covid I noticed most participants could not perform the higher impact, more advanced agility drills correctly. Since we were all stuck in the house, I took that time to revamp the agility drills to help accommodate my new Zoom participants. Doing this also helped my pool participants join my land classes. DAT-DANCE offers a land-based option of what we do in the water. I hope Poolfit subscribers enjoy dancing and training with me when they can’t get in the pool. 


Poolfit extends a big thank you to Ronnie for sharing her passion for fitness instruction with subscribers. You can connect with Ronnie at her D.A.T.-Fitness site, which also provides links to her social media platforms that you can follow. 


Author: Mark Grevelding is the founder of Fitmotivation. He is also a training specialist and consultant with the Aquatic Exercise Association’s (AEA). Mark has been active in the fitness industry for 22 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, international presenter and a continuing education provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE.