ABC Deep Water Workout

DEEP WATER TOTAL BODY RESULTS. Join Mark for a 55-minute deep water workout that delivers total body results. The “A” stands for 15-minutes of aerobic exercise, the “B” for 15-minutes of body conditioning and the “C” for 15-minutes of core training. Each of the 15-minute segments will also be uploaded as separate 15-minute videos for use in the new app playlist feature. Enjoying Poolfit?  Please take the time to let others know by leaving us a review on the App Store or the Play Store. 

Workout Details


55 Minutes




Deep Water Add-On


Intermediate/ Advanced


Deep water

Training Focus

Total Body/Cardio


Hand buoys & flotation belt

ABC Deep Water Workout video blog

Deep Water Epic Workout
The ABC Deep Water Workout is exclusively deep because it features lots of lateral travel, spins, turns and vertical to horizontal movement that could never be done in a studio or in shallow water.